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Mother's Day Gifts

Introducing our Mother’s Day gift packs! EXCLUSIVE to Lina's Chocolate Creation.

Spoil your loved one this Mother's day.

Small sized pot, medium and large sized boxes available, filled with our most popular chocolate favors using the finest brand.

Acrylic round tag includes a poem with personalised To and From.

Kindly contact or email us at [email protected] for pricing and details.

Delivery available to selected areas, as well as pick up.

Minimal amount left, get your orders in early to avoid disappointment!


Small sized pot

(15cm L x 15cm L x 28cm H)

- large chocolate block

- 2 piece chocolate spoon

- Mini jam jar 50ml

- Chocolate donut box

- Meringue bag

- Jellybean tube

- Mini chocolate cube in box

- 2 piece cookie bag

Medium sized box

 (33cm L x 12cm W x 30cm H)

⁃ 1x 2 piece cookie bag

- Meringue bag

⁃ Mini chocolate cube in box

⁃ Bath salt tube

⁃ Large chocolate block

⁃ Chocolate donut box

⁃ Rocky road box

⁃ Mini Jam jar 50ml

⁃ Mini honey jar 50ml

⁃ 2 piece Turkish delight

⁃ 2 piece chocolate spoons

Large sized box

 (40cm L x 13cm W x 35cm H)

⁃ 200ml Moscato bottle OR scented candle

⁃ 2x Meringue bag

⁃ 2x 2 piece cookie bags

⁃ 3 piece chocolate spoons bag

⁃ Mini jam jar 50ml

⁃ Mini honey jar 50ml

⁃ 2x chocolate donut boxes

⁃ 2 piece Turkish delight bag

⁃ Jelly bean tube

⁃ Bath salt tube

⁃ Large size chocolate block

⁃ Multiple chocolate jewels in a box

⁃ Rocky Road

⁃ 2 x Mini chocolate cube in box